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  Aesthetic Device

Apollo Duet

Facial skincare aesthetic device (Electroporation + RF)
Apollo Duet is the most advanced face skincare beauty system consisting of six fuctions. Electroporation, Radio Frequency, Cooling, Heating, +/- Polarity and LED. Therefore, professional aesthetic device, Apollo Duet provides various benefits to users (aesthetician, cosmetologies, dermatolgst, etc) for younger and glow skin.

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Apollo Duet _ Professional Aesthetic device

Aqua Pro(White) & Aqua Ella(Black)

Aqua skincare system using vortex liquid solution.
Aqua Ella is a fundamental skincare device for skin rejuvenation
that cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates your skin with vortex liquid solution.

Apollo Duet + EL

Cryo/Thermo electroporation device

Apollo Duet is the very essential and necessary device for professional skincare.

Cooling, heating and positive/negative electroporation function delivers cosmetics into the deep skin effectively.

Quality stable, Great effectiveness and high satisfaction for users and customers.

Balance ICE II

Cryo RF for body line
Balance Ice is a body slimming device by combining with epidermis cooling and 4 proper targeting hand pieces. (VFH, SF H, Quad polar for body and face.)