Mask sanitizer spray_ Miracle Water(100% water. No chemical)

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kill bacteria ฆ่าเชื้อแบคทีเรีย باکتری ها را بکشند matar bactérias membunuh bakteri



100% Eco-friendly MASK & Fabric sanitizing spray.


•    Klebsiella pneumonia

•   Pseudomonas aeruginosa

•   Salmonella,
•   E.Coli
•   Vibrio
•   staphylococcus aureus

•   etc.


•   Mask, Clothes, Toys, fablic sofa, toilet, electronics,

    door handle, drain cover, cell phone & pet supplies, etc.


•   Odor (Mouth, body, cigarett, shoes & pet supplies) etc.

•   Residual pesticides left on fruits & vegetables

•   Oil, grease & stain etc in kitchen

    (gas stove & hood and microwave oven)

How to use

Due to COVID 19, We need to protect ourselves.

With Miracle water,

You can kills 99.9% bacteria

  • Mask sanitizer
  • Clothes sanitizer when you come back home
  • Door handle sanitizer
  • Car door sanitizer
  • Car handle sanitizer
  • Elevator button sanitizer
  • Toilet sanitizer
  • Mobile phone sanitizer
  • Treadmill sanitizer at the gym
  • Bed and pillow sanitizer in the morning
  • Carpet sanitizer
  • Money sanitizer
  • etc

Miracle water does not have any chemical ingredient.

it is 100% water – Alkaline water.

so it is Safe for human.

  • Kids safe
  • Pet safe
  • Derma safe – our skin safe

After COVID 19, still there is market and demand.

Miracle water is great for

  • Deodorant ( Body odor, Clothes odor, cigarett order, shoes smell, Pet smell, etc).
  • Removal residual pesticides left on fruits & vegetables.
  • Cleaning Oil, grease & stain etc in the kitchen (gas stove & hood and microwave oven)
  • Removal of protein residue of your accessories such as metal watch.

Anyone who want to distribute Miracle water, do not hesitate contact us.

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