What is Electroporation?

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needle free mesotherapy wrinkle kerut چین و چروک ruga kedut ride Fungsinya untuk bahasa Inggris. skincare de reconhecimento facial ( Electroporation + de radiofrequência ) terceiro dispositivo. Thiết bị thẩm mỹ chăm sóc da mặt para el cuidado de la piel facial

What is Electroporation in Beauty?

Apollo Duet basically has 2 handpieces.

One is Electroporation and another one is Radio Frequency.

Electroporation in beauty is a technique to deliver solution into the skin by using electro current.

Beauty electroporation device applies electric pulses in the skin and makes cosmetic path in the skin to penetrate liquid solution into the skin effectively.



How does beauty electroporation works?

Beauty electropoation basically takes the electrocurrent mechanism. Once electro current is applied on the skin, solution molecule moves from one polarity to another.

In case the polarity of Apollo Duet is positive (+), cosmetic molecules tend to be pushed from positive (+) of the electrode of Apollo duet to negative (-) of the electrode pad attached on the body.

Electric energy makes paths between skin cell.

Liquid solution such as ample, serum, essence, HA gel, etc. can be delivered to the skin effectively.


Due to these features, beauty electroporation is also called as Virual mesotherpy, no needle mesotherapy, needle free Mesotherapy, needless mesoterapy or needle free injection.

Mesoterapy is the technique to penetrate cosmetic solution into the skin by micro hole made by needles and Electroporation penetrates cosmetic solution into the skin without needle. Virtual Mesotherapy, which is other name of beauty electroporation, is classified as an alternative to injections by US FDA .



Why customers prefer Electroporation to meso?

Beauty Electroporation do not have 3.

  • No pain.
  • No Bleeing.
  • No downtime.

Therefore, customer taking electroporation feels more convenience and higher satisfaction by Apollo duet skin care.



Compare to hand massage, electroporation delivers solution into the skin more than 20 times effectively. Professional aesthetics provide electroporation course to penetrate their active ingredient into the skin. Electroporation is a very basic technologies which is commonly used in medical beauty field for long time.

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