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Slowly but surely

Apollo Duet is a fundamental skincare device for professional aesthetician, professional beautician, cosmetologist and dermatologists.

As a fundamental skincare system, Apollo duet provide electroporation and radio frequency function as basic.

also it has cooling, heating, LED and +/- ion pulse function so it can be used as

  • Cryo electroporation
  • Thermo electroporation
  • Smart RF
  • LED 603nm
  • +/- Iontoporation

With this function, Apollo Duet provide high satisfaction not only to the end customer who take its operation but also to the users ( aesthetic professionals, nurse, doctors, etc.)

In addition to, it is designed by highly experienced engineering company Weero as cross checking with professional ISRAEL distributor D.B.Pisga and technical design is surly stable. so Local distributor will be highly satisfied with its stable quality because they do not need to consider maintenance that much.

=> this is one of the very important and attractive points for local distributors and also for the users.

With Electroporation,

Any kinds of liquid solution is delivered into the deep skin effectively.

This is also a good point to those who has good solution in their Medical aesthetic spa , massage spa and clinics.

Although they have very good cosmetic solution, if it is not delivered to the skin, it is useless. but if they can penetrate active ingredients into the skin properly based on their target – lifting, wrinkle, brightening, etc – the cosmetic ingredient finally works in the skin. so Electroporation of Apollo Duet is brilliant.

With Radio Frequency

It stimulates fibroblast in the skin and active collagen in the skin. regenerated collagen and remodeled collagen improve the skin condition. skin gets tightened, lifted and the wrinkle is reduced.

That’s why so many professional medical spa, aesthetics, cosmeticians, dermatologists and distributors who are dealing with them love APOLLO DUET.

if you have any further question, for this technologies,

please feel free to contact WEERO.

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