Apollo Duet

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Apollo duet

Apollo Duet

Apollo Duet is the most advanced facial skincare beauty technology consisting of electroporation, smart RF(Radio Frequency), cooling, heating, ionto and LED light. 

It provides total skincare system against most skin problems.

Apollo Duet has 2 main function. 

                           1. Electroporation                       

Electroporation is a very basic technologies which is commonly used in medical beauty field for long time.  Apollo Duet helps solution delivery into deep of the skin with Electric current.  Electric energy makes momentary holes between skin cell and make a path for liquid solution.  

Apollo duet electroporation, Cosmetic penetration, Aesthetic device, cryo device, cryo electroporation

 People call it as 




#transdermaldeliverysystem ( #tds ) 




It is classified by the FDA as an alternative to injections.

Electroporation is a system that allows the trans dermal movement of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products by means of electric current. 

Apollo duet is used in many #spa by #aesthetician. 

                         2. Radio Frequency                       

Radio Frequency, RF, is also one of the stable and well-known technology in Aesthetic field for about 70 years. 

RF induces safe electro energy into the skin and heats the targeted area so that it stimulates fibroblast and regenerate collagen.  RF also improve skin elasticity and lift the sagged skin.  

Radio Frequency Apollo duet
Bipolar RF skin, anti aging, 
neck wrinkle care, Aesthetic RF,









& Apollo Duet has 4 effective function. 

                         3. Powerful Cooling                      

Apollo Duet EL hP
Apollo Electroporation,
cryo electroporaiton, mesotherapy, MTS, micro needle.

Apollo Duet support cooling down to -20℃ 

-20℃ of strong cooling function of Apollo Duet cools down skin after aesthetic operation such as #laser, #mesotherpy ( #MTS ), #rfmicroneedle #peeling #IPL #plasma #HIFU etc and it reduces Downtime and PIH risk.

Cooling system protects skin surface and intercepts blood vessel absorbing by contracting a capillary during penetration of solution.

                               4. Strong RF                           

Apollo Duet RF hp
Aesthetic device, Radio Frequency, 
heating electroporation, hot electroporation, skin heat,

45℃ of strong heating function warms up skin during operation.

Warmed up skin and muscle get relaxed and reduce pain.

Effectiveness of electroporation can be maximized by setting the applicator as same as body temperature. 

                    5.  + / – polar ion function                

Cooling mechanism ,cryo electroporaiton, TEC, Polarity, Plus pulse, Galvanic, iontophoresion, iontophoresis, microcurrent

While both polarity of solution (+ or –) is delivered to the skin well thanks to powerful electroporation, ionized solution can be delivered well. 

By selection of pulse polarity + or – according to power intensity, Apollo Duet can deliver various solution more effectively including ionized solution to deep skin.   Ex) Vitamin C

                      6.  LED light ( 630 nm)                   

RF and LED together
630nm LED, skin rejuvenation, skin wound, collagenesis, elasticity. RF collagen

LED light has effectiveness according to its wavelength. Apollo Duet takes 630nm LED light on RF hand piece. 630nm LED reachs to dermis, improves collagenesis and elasticity and bring the result of wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation.  


Maya Ben-David · 2019년 September 13일 at 4:50 am

How ca I get more details about the device?
How can I purchase it and ship to Hungary?

    WEERO · 2019년 September 13일 at 8:19 pm

    Dear Maya Ben David

    thank you for your interest in Apollo duet.
    We will send you email for further information.

    Best wishes,

Lulu Paraskeva · 2019년 October 24일 at 6:20 am

Like 5he apollo duet do you distribute to the UK and how much thanks lulu

    WEERO · 2019년 November 28일 at 2:12 pm

    Dear LuLu Paraskeva

    Thank you for the message. i just sent you a reply through your email. could you check it ?
    if it is not received, please let me know.

Dima · 2019년 November 28일 at 6:12 am


Can you give me please more details about the device?
How can I purchase it and what is the price for this device?

    WEERO · 2019년 November 28일 at 2:07 pm

    Dear Dima.
    Thank you for the interest. I just sent you an email and could you check it?

ปั๊มไลค์ · 2020년 June 6일 at 3:57 am

Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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