2021 Advanced beauty device – Apollo Duet

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ApolloDuet Fungsinya untuk bahasa Inggris. skincare de reconhecimento facial ( Electroporation + de radiofrequência ) terceiro dispositivo. Thiết bị thẩm mỹ chăm sóc da mặt para el cuidado de la piel facial

Apollo Duet

– Aesthetic Device –

The Apollo Duet EL uses the principle of electroporation. Drugs that are effective for skin can be administered directly to the skin without a needle. Cells subjected to electrical stimulation temporarily open pores and deliver the solution to the dermal layer of the skin. Apollo Duet has both heating and cooling functions at the same time, so the warming function warms the skin before the procedure to produce maximum effect during the procedure. When the electrical stimulation stops, the pores close and the Apollo Duet’s cooling function cools the heat after the procedure, shrinks the pores, and protects the skin surface. This is Apollo Duet’s electroporation method.


Apollo Duet RF regenerates aged collagen by generating bioheat at the target site with a strong frequency of 1MHz. RF improves skin elasticity and lifts sagging skin by this mechanism. Unlike mono-polar, the Apollo Duet uses a bipolar hand-piece with two electrodes for precise and deep penetration care. Unlike other high-frequency devices, there is no sparking, so there is no skin damage, blisters, or bleeding, so it does not require a separate recovery time after the procedure. In addition, the smart sensor installed in the center of the hand-piece detects the skin temperature while the device is operating, minimizing the risk of burns that existing high-frequency devices have, ensuring stable use.

Differences ONLY in Apollo Duet

Consumer needsImmediate effect with excellent technology
QualityThe best quality developed with Israel
PriceHigh price competitiveness
SafetySafe use with sensors and alarms
ConvenienceEasy-to-use hand-piece and menu display

Symptom & Treatment method

  • Effectively penetrates the active ingredients deep into the skin through the electroporation method
  • Electric current vibrates 1 million times in one second (1MHz) to generate bioheat in the skin, helping collagen regeneration, improving skin tone, improving elasticity, and improving wrinkles
  • Effective as post-care after MTS and laser treatment
  • Effective in whitening management through effective penetration of vitamins
  • The solution penetrates directly into the skin to show a strong moisturizing effect after the procedure
  • It is administered directly to the skin without a needle using the electroporation method
  • 630nm LED comes out from RF hand-piece, which is effective for anti-aging
  • By producing collagen, it strengthens skin elasticity and lifts sagging skin
  • It is effective for wrinkle management, and skin trouble and acne management are also possible at the same time
  • Since there is no damage to the skin, there is no recovery time, and daily life is possible immediately
  • The effect can be maximized when used after aqua peeling

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